Australian businesses with an annual turnover of more than $75,000 must be registered for GST. Charging an extra 10 per cent on top of services sounds simple, yet a number of small business owners get caught making one or more of these mistakes with GST. Businesses falling beneath the $75,000 threshold are not required to
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As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the time or the budget to make big changes to improve your business. However, even minor changes can make a noticeable difference to your bottom line. Here are some of our best tips to help your business stay on track. Use the right tools. You wouldn’t
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The accounting process as we know it today evolved from the work of an Italian friar, Luca Pacioli, who, in 1494 had a book, Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportioni et proportionalita, published that set out the details of the double-entry bookkeeping system. While he was not the first to use this system, his book described
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Business owners are often concerned about the financial state of their business. But many are unsure about how to stay up-to-date with the comings and goings of their finances. That’s where their bookkeeper can help. While many people turn to family or friends for business advice, they are often no match for the expertise and
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